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Introduction to 3Cs of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, in simple terms, means reaching the right audiences at the right time through the right digital platforms/channels to convert them into loyal customers. Every business needs a digital marketing expert, agency, or team to survive in the ever-growing competition. 

Customers are the key to every business. The success of marketing comes from knowing who your customers are, where they are, how they browse the internet, what they expect from you, how they make their decisions, and how to make them take the desired action. 

The question is HOW?

Digital Marketing can be explained and implemented in three stages, Create, Convert, and Care, and called 3Cs of Digital Marketing by Yateesh Kamath K and Dr Dan Zhang.


Create stage involves analysing existing/available data, competitor analysis, keyword search, creating a customer persona, creating a plan, objectives, strategy, social media channels, marketing stack and marketing assets for the brand, products or services to generate leads.

create, convert, care


Based on the Create stage reports and plan, in this stage, publish content and engage with your audiences to convert them to like, follow, share, take action, and eventually paying customers. The convert stage is an ongoing process, and it requires patience, consistency and determination to grab user attention and make them take action.


Once the conversion goals are achieved, it is common to assume that the work is done. However, it is essential to know that 65% of business comes from existing customers(ref1), and 80% of future profit comes from 20% of existing customers(ref2).

It takes an overwhelming effort to convert a new lead into a paying customer. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to care for your customers to keep them loyal to the brand.

Customers often find the gap in their expectation and the experience that the company provides. As per the consumer behaviour theory, most customers will be in a dilemma about their purchase decisions, known as cognitive dissonance. To eliminate this conundrum, marketers should make customers feel important, and their choices were right. 

Among the 3Cs, the Care stage is the typical stage required in the most decision-making process of Create and Convert stages.

We will elaborate on all three stages further on our blogs. For personal advice and training on implementing 3Cs of Digital Marketing, you can reach out to us via Live chat.

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