Yateesh Kamath

Content Marketing

“Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach your target audience. It can boost factors like brand awareness, sales, reach, interactions, and loyalty”.

Your customers, leads, and audience require valuable content from your business. And that content needs to reach your audience in a way that feels natural. It describes the process of attracting, engaging, and delighting your target audience and customers. As a result, improve brand awareness, increase conversions, boost revenue, establish your brand, and more.

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Content need not be only about your brand or the product; it can also be the information that compliments your business—for example, an investment agency sending newsletters about well-researched trends and forecasts will help the investor in future investments.

Content marketing has many types, such as social media posts, blogs, images, infographics, video, podcast, paid ad marketing.